Winter Hair Care Regime


Its cold outside and to keep ourselves cozy, we go straight for our scarves, hats and jackets. Coming to your hair you must be happy to say bye to humidity because frizz is our worst enemy right?

But have you observed the state of your Hair right now in winter? You might notice dry, flaky scalp, extra amount of breakage, more split ends, and dullness. Indoor heating, blow drying after shower, scarves and hat, all are doing a lot of damage.

Yep. Winter is harsh – on our Skin and Hair both. In our last post we covered Winter skin care using orange peels. This post is all about haircare. You can follow all these tips and make it healthy again:

  • Skip at least a day or two between hair washing since washing it everyday is stripping off all the natural oil produced for your scalp which is really beneficial for your hair.
  • Skip blow drying or at least try to limit it to once or twice a week.
  • Run humidifier to prevent it from drying
  • Use leave-in conditioners and moisturizing masks
We have also pinned some masks to make your hair soft and shiny again during the winter season:
  • Coconut oil: this is a simple, one ingredient mask and I bet most of you have it in your home already. Take a quarter cup of warmed coconut oil (warmed is important because it should be in its liquid state). You can apply it with wet or dry hair and leave it for atleast an hour. If you want to do some chores or keep it overnight, cover your head because coconut oil might stain clothing and linens.coconut oil for hair
  • Avacado and egg yolk: take half (½) an avocado and 2 egg yolks mix it all together and apply it on wet or dry Hair, allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off.Avocado and Egg yolk for Hair
  • Youghurt, Honey and Olive Oil: I know what you all are thinking right know honey? In our hair? I agree it’s not something you want in there as its one of the stickiest thing on planet earth. Egg too sounds equally disgusting, but if your friends have ever tossed eggs on you on your birthday you would know how your hair feels after you rinse the egg from your hair. It feels smooth and soft. If mixed with olive oil, it will help get your Hair back in shape. Take 1 tsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of honey and ¼ cup of yogurt, mix well and apply to damp Hair, allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes then rinse it off. Allow it to dry normally.Honey, Yoghurt and Olive oil mask for Hair


Good luck getting your Hair back to its happy, healthy, shinning state. Which mask do you think you’ll try first?


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