Bringing Burns Road to Home: Waheed Ke Kebab

Happy New Year you all ! 😀

I am an extremely avid lover of traditional food. It doesn’t mean I don’t like other forms of cuisines but like any other proper Desi I love to stick to the roots and enjoy the diversity of our rich cuisine.

Our Pakistani food has a huge range of finger licking food that is an absolute delight to our taste buds. I will make sure to share this beautiful collection bit by bit with all of you Insha Allah! 😊

So today from the treasure box of our amazing cuisine, I’m sharing a dish which is so easy to make and is a great treat for food lovers.

Fry Galawat ka Qeema as many people know it, is a fantastic dish that can be enjoyed at breakfast with Parathas, dinners and great addition to dawat menus. I searched and tried a lot of recipes but couldn’t find the right one.

However I must say thanks to the Facebook group “Karachi Chefs at Home” that opened many food lovers like me to a world of great home cooks & their special recipes. One of its dear member Saima Hussain shared an authentic recipe of Waheed ke Kebab.

Those who don’t know, Waheed Kebab House is a famous food outlet at Burns road and offers super tasty fry Galawat ka qeema.

The recipe sounded extremely easy so I thought to give it a try. And surprisingly it turned out an absolute copy of Waheed ke Kebab. Since then I have been making it ritually on Sundays (not all Sundays offcourse but on Husband’s farmaishi Sundays 😂) and it has been an integral part of our dawat menus.

Therefore I am sharing this recipe with you all, do try it and tell us at Blog This Out how you enjoyed it.


1 kg Beef mince (hand made)
1 Tbsp Meat Tenderizer
Half cup Yoghurt
1 & half ginger & garlic paste
3 Tbsp Gram flour (Besan)
2 Tbsp Red Chillie powder
1 Tbsp Red Chillie Flakes
1 Tsp turmeric powder (Haldi)
2 Tbsp Coriander powder
1 Tbsp fresh Black pepper grounded
1 Tbsp Garam Masala Powder
Salt to taste
One cup Oil/Ghee/Butter
One small chopped Onion
Coal for dum



1. Firstly marinate mince with Tenderizer, Ginger and Garlic paste and Yoghurt for half an hour.

2. Now in a pan roast all dry ingredients till you get smell of gram flour and masala and it slightly chnages the color.

3. Now this roasted masala to mince and marinate for another half an hour.


4. Take your cooking utensil and add oil and fry chopped onion till it gets golden

5. Now add the marinated mince and fry a little bit.

6. Then add little water and mix. Cook with lid tightly closed for 30 minutes

7. Be careful of water as it dries out quickly. Keep the flame low so that it doesnt gets burnt from bottom.

8. After 30 minutes check the consistency if it is fine (usually its a bit paste form and not all dry)

9. Give coal dum and your yummy Waheed ke Kebab ready to serve.

Salad , raita and bbq chutni will add more flavor to this delicious dish. Tandoori roti aur Puri Paratha and you are good to go with it! 😄


Note: Originally the waheed ke kebab are submerged in oil. Besides dawat I like to keep oil minimal. Otherwise it looks like this.



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