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Out of all the cities I have ever visited, Istanbul was one of the most fascinating one by far! From its history to natural attractions, to streets, people, food and architecture, there is nothing you cannot love about this city. Istanbul has SO MUCH to offer, its insaneeee! .

A couple of weeks back I did a series on Blog This Out’s Instagram Handle where I posted pictures of all the places I went to, in Istanbul. So I decided to put them all together in one blog, for more people to read and benefit.


β˜€ The Blue Mosque aka Sultan Ahmet Camii β˜€

πŸ•Œ It is located in the old city area and is one of the most famous sites of Istanbul. Its majestic interior makes this building a fascinating tourist attraction. πŸ•ŒIts architecture comprises of 5 main domes, 6 minarets and 8 secondary domes.Β πŸ•ŒThe interior is covered with around 20,000 handmade tiles. The windows and sky lights have stained glass that allows natural light to enter the mosque. Massive chandeliers are another highlight of the magnificent interior of The Blue Mosque.

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✨ The Glorious Hagia Sophia ✨

Once church, mosque and now a museum, Hagia Sophia is another one of the most cherished landmarks of Istanbul. Hundreds of people visit this place everyday to view this beautiful blend of Byzantine and Islamic architecture. Its mighty dome, plaques of calligraphy bearing the name of ALLAH and his prophets, gold mosaics and arches, all reflect the history of this place. Hagia Sophia was under construction when I visited Istanbul in Summer 2016, hence, a good panoramic photo wasn’t possible. Below are a few shots that I managed to capture πŸ™ˆ


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β˜€ Grand Bazar and Egyptian Spice Market β˜€

For me, quality retail therapy is an essential when travelling! I always try to squeeze in a few shopping hours on my trips. Here’s a mini description of what I saw at Grand Bazar and Egyptian Spice Market.

Egyptian Spice Bazaar as the name suggests, has numerous spice stalls, Turkish delights, nuts, dried fruits and other related items. The dishes filled with colourful spices displayed in front of the stalls are super pleasing to the eyes and to the camera πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆΒ I’m assuming my mom was the happiest person to visit this place. She managed to stock up saffron, turkish coffee, and dried plums and mangoes for next 8-9 months!

Spice Bazaar spills into the Grand Bazaar. This huge market has Ottoman inspired architecture with arches lined with floral tiles.
The Grand Bazaar has over 4,000 shops containing almost everything, including silver, gold, ceramics, glassware, leather, metal wares and Turkish carpets. .
We got a pair of famous Turkish lamps, fridge magnets, keychains, evil eye bracelets, and other keepsakes!Β But one thing I learnt from my visit was that if you see something buy it right away!! Do not wait! Because this bazaar is a maze, and there’s no going back, I kid you not πŸ™ˆ

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Bosphorus Tour

Istanbul has numerous sightseeing spots and its close to impossible to squeeze them all in your timetable specially when you’re on a short trip. However, if you’re in Istanbul you need to set aside a few hours and take Bosphorus tour via cruise. If you don’t have an entire day to yourself, it’s advisable to take a short 90 minutes tour, that shows you the highlights along the shore! Cruise trips along Bosphorus is the best way to see Istanbul’s architecture of both continents Europe and Asia. It is suchhhh a mesmerising ride, you won’t regret one bit! Take my word πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ

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Street Food

If you’re hungry and craving for something super delicious, yet don’t want to spend your entire day’s budget on it, Turkish Street Food will be there to the rescue!

Corn 🌽 on the Cob and Roasted Chestnuts are among the most popular and healthy street food options you’ll have in Istanbul. Love how healthy and filling they are. And its always a plus to be able to find a low-calorie option when on a trip!


Simit 🍩 – Aka Turkish version of American Bagel! This round pastry loaded with sesame seeds is another most popular breakfast-on-the-go option for the turks, and tourists too!

Turkish Tea β˜•- If you’re in Istanbul and someone offers you a cup of Turkish tea, do not say no. It is a very important part of their culture and offering tea to someone is considered as a sign of friendship and hospitality. This tea you see in the picture was offered to us by a souvenir shop owner and we couldn’t say no πŸ™ˆ


Kunefeh is a Turkish cheesy dessert soaked in sweet sugar syrup. If you find baklava too sweet for your tastebuds, you need to try this!!



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