Review Time- on today’s menu: JUCY LUCY

Hello beautiful people, so on today’s weekly review I have something delicious up my sleeve! Let me give you a little backstory on this before I begin (if you’re here for the review, scroll down to the 5th paragraph hon’, this ain’t for you).


So, it’s a pleasant day- kind of windy yet slightly dry. The cool breeze has this feel-good sort of sensation to it- the one that makes you really want to get out of bed for once and enjoy the weather outside. I know, scary right? Anyway, I did as any normal human being would do and went through my daily dose of Snapchat to see what everyone else was up to (kind of trying to tally weather everyone else’s happening lives would motivate me to move my butt and do something worth posting online #Itoohavealife).


It worked- no surprises there! I pulled out something casual to wear (Italics because you’ll see when you read my OOTD post next) and pushed my sister out of the bed because this was not going to be loner’s day out today, no sir! For all the FRIENDS crazies out there, ya’ll know having a date with yourself makes people think you’re a freak of some sort… sorry, Rachel, but it’s true.


Anyway! We head over to Jucy Lucy-my social media had exploded with said outlet’s name and we figured if we had to try something new why not here, right?


We reached the place around 4-ish, so it was pleasant. The outlet was a small cute eatery at the corner of the street. With a bright yellow exterior and a nice funky red font reading the name. The look was refreshing and casual- as we entered, we immediately felt relaxed and in place.



Getting to the menu- for starters, the list felt adequate, as a burger joint their variety seemed to tilting towards beef products more than poultry (something to note for chicken lovers- they only had two choices for chicken burgers). We ordered the Jucy Lucy burger, the JL Hotdog, a separate side of regular fries with fried beans and two Cokes.


Starting off with the burger- it was big, juicy and perfectly structured. It almost looked like it had jumped right of a magazine ad (I’m not kidding, just look at it). Here’s what was inside: rocket leaves, two kinds of cheese, pickles, jalapenos, their homemade sauce and around 200 grams of perfectly grilled beef patty.



The first bite into it and I knew that I was going to enjoy devouring the rest of this delicious goodness! However, on a side note, my sister found it heavy (although delicious) and switched gears to the Hotdog instead. I’d suggest going into the shop with a big appetite and an empty stomach if you want to finish the whole deal.


The fries- crispy, hot and well-salted! I enjoyed eating the fries but the beans felt just meh. Don’t get me wrong- I love green beans, give those to me sautéed on the side with a nice piece of steak and I’m good to go! But here, they felt like an overkill. I didn’t like the way they tasted fried; I tried combining them with a little mustard and even though it helped a little, I didn’t really feel like going back for seconds.



Lastly, the hotdog: the bun and sausage were grilled to perfection, topped with mustard, pickles, cheese and mayo- YUM! Again here, the taste was great but we found it a bit heavy as well. Perhaps we were being overly ambitious in ordering the items we had selected.



Also, ordering a separate side of fries was a mistake on our part, we didn’t realize the burgers would come with a side of fries regardless (we should have asked… but we didn’t, so…)


All in all the experience was fun! The place was chic, the presentation apt and the food satisfying. We loved the little roadside open café moment they were trying to achieve.


Here’s my final verdict:
Burger: 7/10
Hotdog: 7/10
Fries: 6/10


Enjoy the rest of the week! See you all in my next post <3





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