Restaurant review: Discovering the flavours of Ginsoy

Once a thinker said:

“Visiting a delightful restaurant is a Joy forever!”

And that thinker is me 😜 because whenever I see a good restaurant with tempting food I cannot resist visiting. And once visited, I just cannot stop talking about the delicious food and the flavour that lingers on my taste buds and senses (provided the food is good, if it’s tastes bad I would like to forget it as a bad memory 😝)

So, lingering in my mind these days is the authentic Chinese food that I recently enjoyed. Got a chance to attend husband’s friend’s shadi dawat at Ginsoy restaurant, Hyderi branch.

Well I do have visited Ginsoy before but as it was a dawat I was lucky enough to enjoy a wide variety πŸ˜€

Here is the review people, enjoy the description & drool on the pictures πŸ˜‹

Hot & Sour soup

Ginsoy is famous for it’s hot and sour soup and they never disappoint. The soup as usual was delicious. Served hot, was full of flavour and really fufilling. I didn’t added extra sauces as it was considerably hot for me but sauces are served along. And those crispy crackers are just perfect crunch to add to this soup. You do have a choice to add extra stuff to it like we asked for shrimps and it tasted yummy.


Hot and Sour Soup Ginsoy
Chinese Rice

Chinese rice were nice. The amount of vegetables was good but I felt rice a bit soggy not sticky or anything just cooked a bit more. Presentation was great and tasted fine.


Chinese Rice Ginsoy


Yup this was the bomb dish. The aroma of Green chillies was awesome. Absolutely loved its taste. The beef was cooked to perfection that it can be easily cut with a fork. It complimented well with rice.

Ginsoy Beef Chilli

Dragon Chicken

Well to my dismay, it wasn’t as I imagined it to be. The chicken was overcooked. The coating of chicken was a bit hard to chew and there was no sauce. It was too dry to be eaten with rice. So yes it was a disappointment.

Ginsoy Dragon Chicken


I don’t remember the name of the dish precisely but it was whole fish served with really tasty sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection and looked so beautiful that we all thought we might just splatter the whole fish in order to cut it πŸ˜‚
So we requested the server to cut and serve and he did a fabulous job. The fish tasted really great. The meat literally melted in the mouth. And the sauce enhanced the overall taste.

Ginsoy Whole fish


This was served with a generous serving of ice cream scoops. The brownie was very full of flavour and complimemted nicely with the ice cream. It’s a must try.

Chocolate Mocha Brownie Ginsoy



It was just okay. Nothing really wow about it. You can get such cake from any good cake shop. It tasted well but nothing special about it.

Chocolate Fudge Cake Ginsoy

They have a spacious sitting area so you’ll enjoy in a nicer way. The ambiance is nice and servers are really friendly and allows to choose menu as per your taste.

You can ask for day’s speciality or for recommendations as well. On weekends it would be helpful to do a prior booking. As waiting can be really long and if you are super hungry or with hyper kids, trust me it can get really tough πŸ˜‚ Enjoy peeps.

Overall Experience : 9/10

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