Restaurant Review: Dining the Shaikh’s Way

Hey people so this time I decided to hit a local brand and try their food. It wasn’t a bad experience at all, pocket friendly and I am definitely going back there for to try more variety that they are offering 🙂 Restaurant: Shaikh ‘s Dine in


Dishes ordered:

1. Mozeralla Cheese bites
2. Chicken Corn Soup
3. Chicken Chowmain
4. American Steak




Mozeralla Cheese Sticks:

These were really yummy. Crunchy on the outside with perfect crumbs and melting gooey cheese from inside. The side sauce made it taste even better. However it is best to eat when its hot once they are cold, the cheese inside doesn’t taste that good.
Rating: 9/10



Chicken corn soup

The soup was tasty, served hot and the side crackers made it more awesome. The given sauces along were soy sauce, hot sauce, chillie sauce & green chillie in vinegar.
Rating: 8/10




Chicken Chowmain:

First of all, the serving was huge. I mean my husband said that he won’t be full from only Chowmain and thus ordered steak for himself. Later seeing the serving we were amazed this was enough for two in a good way. The veggies were crispy done, chicken was good & it tasted really fantastic
Rating: 9/10



American Steak:

The steak was done well, smeared in sauce and caramelized onions. Along with veggies that were cooked great & my hubby chose baked potato with sauce and it was really tasty.
The beaf steak was of ample quantity and was a good thick piece. But the best part was the juiciness inside. I mean you wont just enjoy the sauce and tangy flavor outside but the inside was more juicy filled with flavor. Definitely a try for everyone.
Rating: 10/10



Overall Review:

The ambiance of the restaurant is good. You can enjoy with your family & friends. They offer sitting outside as well in a casual style so friends can try that.
There is an ice cream corner as well and another coctail bar from where you can choose various drinks and mocktails of your choice.

The service was good and on time. Our server was really humble and helpful in choosing right from the menu. He made sure to answer and explain dishes as we inquired.

Also they offer a huge variety of cuisine ranging from desi, bbq, chinese, italian and fast food as well. So with friends & family you will be able to cater everyone’s taste buds. Excellent for party hosting.

However, the only turn off was the big line outside their washrooms probably because of the peak rush hour as it was a Sunday & their baby chair was not in a very good condition and was not cleaned so I had to ask them to clean it otherwise its a good experience. Would definitely visit there again.


Total bill: Rs. 2,800/-
Overall Restaurant rating: 8/10


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