How to Prevent Exceeding Your Mobile Data

So you are just in the middle of the month and have already blown up almost all your mobile data, and your carrier keeps rubbing it in your face every few hours? Don’t worry, we have got your back. All you need are a few changes in your mobile settings, and few tricks to limit your data consumption, and you are good to go for a month, without being annoyed by those texts again.


Avoid your phone from slurping up all your mobile data by making these simple changes to your default settings.

IOS Users:
  • Turn off “Wi-Fi Assist” by going to Settings > Cellular > Scroll.. Scroll.. > Wi-Fi Assist > Disable. This feature switches over to mobile data automatically when the Wi-Fi’s connectivity is slow. Disabling this feature makes sure your phone uses Wi-Fi only. Whats more? It will also make your battery last longer 😀 While you are there, make sure to turn off data for the apps that don’t need it.


  • Next, disable the feature “Background App Refresh” under “General” in the settings menu, which will again, save your data and battery, both.


  • Disable “Automatic Downloads” and “Use Mobile Data” option under the iTunes and App Store settings to avoid your phone from downloading new apps, or updating the already existing apps on Mobile Data.


Android Users:
  • First things first, set a limit for Data Usage on your phone, to avoid consuming all of it in one go by setting the duration for a month.


  • Turn on the Data Saver Mode, when you are about to hit the monthly limit, which will help switch the apps to a low or no data mode, while also giving you an option to choose which apps can use your data.


There are certain data-intensive apps that eat up all your data no matter how many changes you make to your default settings. Best way? Switch to apps that allow offline access while you are on the go.
Music Streaming apps such as Spotify, google play or apple music allow you to save your favorite playlists for offline use later.

For videos, instead of streaming, you can download them while you are connected to the Wi-Fi, and watch them on your long journeys.

For navigation, Google and Apple Maps allow their users to download the routes and use them offline.

Snapchat? Pre-load stories of your friends while you are still connected to Wi-Fi by tapping on them once, and view them later, even when your data is turned off.

Moreover, you can disable the feature of auto-play videos on Instagram and Facebook to save your data even more.

Web browsing again, hogs on your data faster than you realize. IOS 11 users are lucky in this case because now Safari gives you an option to save articles and read them offline when needed.



Still wondering if you are missing something that is using up your mobile data? Time to turn off your push notifications for all the apps, in the settings menu, if you are an iphone user. While the Android users can disable the “Auto-Sync” feature, to avoid exceeding mobile data plan.


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