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Predicted Beauty Trends of 2018

Woaah, 2017 was extraordinary not just because Donald Trump became president of America but also because we saw trends like fidget spinners, slimes, feather eyebrows, silicone beauty sponges, holographic makeup and what not. Seeing all this, we are sure 2018 won’t let us down and you will get to see more silly trends. Below we have pinned some of the expected beauty trends of 2018 to watch out for.

Water weight foundation

Now half of you must be wondering what does that mean. Water-weight foundations have a super-light formula, even lighter than water in some cases, which helps give a very natural finish to your face.


One of its example is M.A.C. cosmetic studio water weight SPF 30 foundation and Smashbox’s Camera Ready BB Water SPF 30. It is water like formula with satin finish and it’s not matte nor moisturizing. This makes it suitable for any skin type including acne-prone skin, as it’s a perfect balance of matte and hydrating formulas.

Mac foundation beauty trends 2018

Golden glow

This year you might get to see a lot more golden highlighters coming in market. Rihanna already started the golden-glow-game by introducing the very famous Fenty beauty highlighter, Trophy Wife, which is to die for.

A lot of youtubers and beauty bloggers/vloggers are already raving about it since it looks amazing on warm tones. However, it is anticipated that the trend might just multiply and reach new heights in 2018 and I already feel so excited about it.

beauty trends 2018

Upside down eye makeup

Ok what? Internet have got to be kidding right now. Imagine an upside down wing liner alone without upper liner. Even though Kim Kardashian and many other celebrities have tried this recently but its yet to be seen, how normal-non-celebrities pull it off.

To achieve this look you can get a dramatic coloured liner on your lower lid but make sure not to take it very low down. The key to pulling of this trend is to use a colour which will look good with the blush and lipstick colour you are going to wear and also the perfect way to find a colour that will suit you is to find the colour which will complement your eye colour, which means choose a colour opposite to your eye colour of the colour wheel. For example blue eyes become icier when paired with aubergine liner, brown pops against cobalt, pink plays up green eyes, and gold accents the bronze tones in hazel eyes. Good luck with pulling off this look.

beauty trends 2018

Twiggy lashes

This is a cool 60s chic beauty trend which might make a comeback in 2018. This is a doe-eyed and doll like look which was first seen on Twiggy in 60s. Fast forward to 50 years later in 2018, many beauty bloggers and celebrities are bringing this trend back. This is a dramatic upper and lower lashes with neutral eyes and rest of the face makeup. You can use falsies for this or build it up on your natural lashes with ton of mascara to get those clumpy lashes. And with false lashes you can use individual falsies and build up ton of mascara to give that spidery effect.

Beuty trends 2018
Electric eyelids

This trend is back again from 80s and it’s better than ever! In 2018 you might get to see bright eyeshadows on literally everyone’s eye. But this might come mixed with the 2000s trend of blue eyeshadow. So ladies its about time you use all those colours in your  palette which you never used because you thought they were too bright.

beauty trends 2018
Lip tints

Lip tints are actually lip stains which come in matte or glossy finish. This stains your lips with colour which is surely very long lasting, light and comfortable. I am surely going to love this trend if this comes back. What about you?

beauty trends 2018

Glitter everywhere

Ok you may have thought that was enough glitter you saw in 2017 but guess what? No it wasn’t, there is more you’ll see glitter everywhere in eyeshadows, bronzers, blushes, highlighters and etc.

beauty trends 2018


So now as we have gone through all the possible trends you might get to see in 2018, comment down below which trend you are most excited for and which one of these you will try first.

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