Food Review: Flying High with Pie in the Sky

So after a long long time I got a chance to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. I am not a huge fan of desi sweets, (sorry if I offended anyone) Im very choosy when it comes to mithais, halwas and all. But give me some cake, soufle, crust pie, truffles and I’ll be on cloud 9 😁😁😁
Don’t call me farangi I just like their desserts otherwise I’m a pure desi from heart and soul πŸ˜‡
So to collect my pardesi meethay I decided to visit Pie in the Sky which offers some aweosme stuff along with baking items.
Here is it what I chose and enjoyed to the core πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹


1. Walnut Brownie

This Walnut brownie tasted really good. The gooey texture was there and you can literally enjoy chunks of delicious walnuts in almost every bite. The crackling top was super crusty and melted in the mouth.

Pie in the Sky


2. Double Chocolate Brownie

This brownie was just okay. I Felt nothing really special about it. The taste was fine and texture was just like a regular brownie. Moreover, I couldn’t taste the top chocolate glaze. It was too bland for my taste buds.

Pie in the Sky


3. Cream Chocolate Brownie

This one had to be my favorite! The top chocolate shavings were generous and took my mouth to flavor trip instantly. Then the brownie cake had a melting texture with chocolate cream layer. This gave a different taste and actually felt amazing while eating it.

Pie in the Sky


4. Apple crust pie

Well to be honest I was really excited to try this and didn’t like it as I imagined to be. The crust felt a bit damp and apple chunks were made fine. Overall it was ok. Nothing really wow about it.

Pie in the Sky



Overall had fun eating these delicacies and enjoyed it to every bite 😊

Total expense: Rs. 565/-

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