Spaghetti Pizza

Midnight Craving? Spaghetizza is your dream deal

Someone once told me:
” خوبصورت حسینہ اور کراچی کے موسم کا کچھ پتا نہیں ہوتا, خدا جانے کب بدل جائے!”
And I completely agree to the later part, can’t say much about Haseena but Karachi’s weather is so unpredictable. Few days back it was getting quite hot that some people turned on their fans. And suddenly you see a shift in the winds and the chill seems to be back in K-town since today’s morning! 😬

But what remains constant is our never ending love for food and winter night cravings 😋 You just can’t get enough of these long breezy chilled nights. And a warm and delicious fufilling meal to go with while you relax in your blanket with a funny movie on.

There you go I set the mood for your coming weekend night. (Only if you are a parent and lucky to have kids in bed sound and sleep , maybe you’ll earn the privilege 😂) well I really can’t help you with the luck part but what I can do is to share an amazing easy peasy recipe with you all.

It’s so simple yet so delicious that not only your night’s untimely hunger swings will be satisfied but everyone in the house will enjoy it too. All you need is some leftover pasta and few ingredients and voila, midnight meal is served!

It’s a beautiful combination of Spaghetti and Pizza and therefore I call it
“Spaghe-tizza” 🍝🍕😍


1 large plate of any leftover Spaghetti (I used vegetable Spaghetti that I made a day earlier)
1/2 cup shredded Chedder Cheese
1/2 cup shredded Mozeralla Cheese
1 chopped green capsicum
3-4 sliced black olives
2-3 tbsp pizza sauce (or ketchup)
Oregano or Thyme herbs for garnish


1. Arrange your leftover spaghetti in a dish/plate that can be used for baking in microwave or gas oven.

2. Spread pizza sauce all over the top of spaghetti

3. Spread shredded chedder then mozeralla cheese evenly

4. Add sliced capsicum and olives.
(You can also add sliced tomatoes, msuhrooms, susages, pepperoni etc on the topping. I added what was available at the moment)

5. In the end , sprinkle bit of more mozeralla, oregano & thyme on the top.

6. Put your dish in microwave till the cheese melts properly. Your Spaghetizza is all ready to enjoy 😋

7. If you want, you can bake in oven, you’ll get a nice golden color but make sure not to bake for long time as it will make spaghetti hard.

8. Serve hot and enjoy the melted cheese delight with luscious spaghetti. Each spoon will be a moment of pure joy, I bet you will love this tempting combination 😊

Spaghetti Pizza
Spaghetti Pizza

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