Meet Umer – The Mini Model

Meet Umar. A 2 year old munchkin, who gained a massive fan following a couple of days ago, when his mom shared his pictures on a Facebook Group, Soul Sisters Pakistan. All women in the group went crazy over his chubby cheeks and naughty smile. We reached out his mom to know more about him. But before we give you a dose of this unparalleled cuteness, here’s a short biography of this little nugget.

Umar knows alphabets and counts till 20. He knows colors and shapes and has a strong passion for cars. He is aware of names of the various vehicles like ambulance, police car, SUV, tow truck, garbage truck, excavator, roller etc.

We scanned through all the pictures his mom shared with us, and realized that this little kid loves the camera. He is a born poser who keeps his parents and rest of the family charmed with his cute antics.

These chubby cheeks and his chunky arms and legs make us want to squeeze this little rock star. Oh and we love how his outfit is on fleek in this picture.

Candid? Nope, we like to believe this handsome is born for camera and the camera loves him.

This little man has already taken a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. Here he is seen dragging the cart while his mama does her grocery shopping.

We particularly love these two portraits of Umer, acing that friendly smile while keeping up with his ever-so elegant posture.


This mini model kept us obsessed for days and we cant get enough him. Scroll below for a few more clicks of this stunner before we wrap up 😀



Have a baby in your family as adorable as him? Reach us out. We will feature your little rock stars so you can show them off to the world 😀


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