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Masterclass Pakistan – French Cuisine Under Chef Aisha Waris

So those who follow Blog.This.Out on Instagram would know, I was approached by Bakhat Afza from Alfaz Pakistan to attend cooking class at Masterclass Pakistan Kitchen Studios. It was a French-Cuisine Class under the guidance of Chef Aisha Waris.




When I walked into the studio, I was smitten by the interior. They provide state of the art facilities to all the students, something that has not been introduced in Pakistan before. They offer hands-on cooking courses in culinary and baking arts under the supervision of super-talented and skilled chefs in the country.

Everyone had their own working stations, that had a countertop, oven, fridge, utensils, mixers, electric and gas stoves and all ingredients for the day. We were given aprons, dusters and recipe booklets with 3 recipes that we were going to make.





What we learnt?

Dishes for the day included Profiteroles, Chicken & Prawn Roulade in Curry Sauce, and Quiche Lorraine. It was all good until we were told to start with the latter, and my first reaction was “what the hell is Quiche Lorraine?!”

Though I took French language classes in my university for 4 semesters, but my B (or less) grade explains why I was so blank at that moment xD

Anyway, I set my camera on the tripod, placed it on the counter, and put on my apron. I felt more in my comfort zone when the Chef started making Quiche Lorraine. We were told that Quiche is merely a savoury tart made with shortcrust pastry filled with cream, cheese and meat of your choice.




Next up was Chicken and Prawn Roulade. It was a very different and unique recipe – something that I had only seen in the pictures. It was basically prawns and spinach rolled in a chicken fillet, poached in steamed water, later shallow fried and served with fruity curry sauce.  Yeah, Fruity curry sounds disgusting but tasted amazingggggg. You need to try it to believe it.

Sorry for this low quality picture. My camera’s battery was about to die so used it for video shots only. and used instagram’s camera for pictures :/




The last dish we made was Profiteroles – A French name for puffs filled with cream or custard and covered with chocolate – locally known as chocolate eclairs.



One after the other, we dished out everything. Took us a total of 4 hours and a half, to make everything from the scratch and garnish it in the end. Though it’s the longest I have been in kitchen, but if the kitchen is this fancy, it doesn’t really matter, right? When all was said and done I was so happy to see that I made everything on my own, of course under constant supervision, but still on my own (I need credits too :p).

At the end all students are given certificates that you can show off later on your snapchat and insta handles :p But I believe the perfect way to end the class is pack everything you have made, and take it home to enjoy it later 😀

Overall Experience

IT was a very pleasant experience overall with a lot of learning, fun and laughter. Needless to say, the experience one can gain at masterclass cannot be gained by YouTube-ing any recipe. If it wasn’t this class, I would have never dared to try these dishes on my own any way so good job Masterclass Pakistan and thank you for having me over.

P.S a vlog on my experience will be live soon on Blog This Out’s YouTube channel. Its going to be a short fun video, of what I learnt, and some other highlights of the class. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do yourself a favour and subscribe to BLOGTHISOUT 😉

Also, do let me know in the comments below if you want to see full recipe videos as well 😀


Overall Experience: 10/10 – for keeping me hooked in the kitchen for almost 5 hours straight (Y)

Will definitely recommend Masterclass Pakistan to all aspiring chefs out there, who have a passion to cook or even if they want to develop a career out of it in the future.

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