Why makeup should not be a necessity

Today a great number of women as well as men wear makeup daily. Why? To look good and enhance their certain facial features or to hide their flaws and not be themselves anymore. The subtle and sometimes not so subtle touches of Makeup can make a big difference. Spending so much of one’s quality time in front of a mirror has become a daily routine for most people. Whether they are getting ready for a normal day at work or a causal lunch with friends or a day out with family. In today’s society and culture for an average woman Makeup has become a necessity. In my opinion, women are afraid to leave their house without a full load of makeup on.

Too many women nowadays feel less than others just because of the way they were born. It is because they are ridiculed of the face they were born with. Make up has become a need when going out in public just like wearing clothes. All of us should eradicate the thought of feeling ugly and judged when leaving the house bare faced. Women should be considered brave while flaunting their natural beauty that they were blessed with out in the public. All women are pretty and beautiful because beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, women who go out bare faced are more attractive than the ones who try their level best to make themselves more prettier than before. I think every person should feel beautiful and confident for who they are and not what others want them to be. There are thousands of people out there who won’t appreciate another person’s beauty and would pressurize others to come dependent on makeup which is actually not a true form of beauty. If you guys are thinking I am against makeup then you are wrong. I am against people feeling that they NEED makeup in their lives. I believe people should stop striving hard to hide their imperfections, because the moment you accept that imperfection is more beautiful and full of joy then perfection; that is the moment of happiness.

On the other hand, there are women out there who skip the ritual of putting makeup on. This is either because they like to take that precious time to sleep a little longer or because they lack the application skills. We need to realize that it is actually unhealthy for women to think that they don’t look beautiful without makeup. People should use it as a source to enhance their natural skin. To give it a glow and freshness rather than using it to completely change ones look altogether.

I am going to end this post by quoting my favourite Lady Gaga who quoted to Harper’s bazaar:

“ Whether iam wearing lots of makeup or no makeup i am always the same person inside.”

And I absolutely agree with her. Lady Gaga is the same person with or without makeup.

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