8 Of The Most Delicious Street Food Items In Karachi That You Need To Try

The recent trend of Fine Dining has made all of us forget the true essence that lies in Karachi’s Street Food. The exquisite spices and cooking skills of Karachi’s chefs, are all reflected in the delicious street food items, that you need to try to satisfy the real foodie in you. From sweet to savory, you can find it all on the streets of Karachi.

1) Sialkot Lassi

Who doesn’t love a glass of chilled lassi in a hot summer afternoon to fight the heat? Sialkot Milk at Bahadurabad makes one of the finest lassi in town. There are close competitors in other parts of the city, but we suggest you try the goodness of Sialkot Lassi once in your life.



2) Dhoraji Gola Ganda

Karachi's Street Food

Karachi's Street Food


Treat yourself with this shaved ice drenched in colorful, sugary syrups. The street has around 15-20 carts serving Gola Ganda for the same price, and also, similar tastes. You can visit the place with your family and friends from 12pm onwards. On weekends the vendors continue to serve till 2 am.



3) Pizza Fries

Karachi's Street Food


Jump on the band wagon and give these Pizza Fries from Bites 4 Delight (Dhoraji), a try. These have become so popular lately, that no matter what time you go there, there is a good 30 mins to 1 hour waiting. Rest assured, this cheesy goodness, is worth the wait 😀


4) Salman Pani Puri and Chaat

Karachi's Street Food
Karachi's Street Food

For us, Pani Puri is the epitome of street food. Every place has its own variation but we found Salman Pani Puri (DHA, Karachi) the best of them all. They are crunchy, and just the right size that fits in your mouth, unlike other pani puri places that make huge, soggy and tasteless puris. The pani that is served along, has the right amount of spices in it, nothing too overpowering.

5) Burger Dahi Baray

Karachi's Street Food
Karachi's Street Food


There are numerous variations in the way people prefer dahi baray. Some like it sweet while others prefer a salty or spicy version of it. However, a very uncommon version which we came across a couple of years back, was Burger Dahi Baray and since then it has become a staple in our hi-tea parties. It is a cup-cake sized bara, made with white lentils (Mash Daal). It is cut in half, and filled with chana, papri, onions, and some sweet and sour sauces (Chutneys). Then all those burger-baras are soaked in sweet yoghurt and topped with some more sauces, papri and chaat masala. This is an ultimate treat for all dahi bara lovers out there. It is available at Manpasand Delhi Chatkharay, in  Ph2 DHA, Karachi.



6) Al Arab Shawarma

Numerous places in Karachi serve shawarma and shawarma platters now, but nothing beats Al Arab Shawarma Gulistan e johar beside continental bakery. This place, though small in size, has a huge menu. They serve everything, from BBQ, to steaks, burgers, and pasta, but shawarma is the best thing, Al Arab has to offer. Its fresh, moist and hot, just the way it should be. The hummus served with it is equally delicious. This place is a must try, if you are craving for some high quality, delicious food, but are on a budget.



7) Fresh Juices from Master Juice

Karachi's Street Food

If you are looking for some freshly squeezed juices from good quality fruits and vegetables, Master Juice should be your go to place. The quality, quantity and price of its juices will absolutely win you over.



8) Burns Road Bun Kabab

Karachi's Street Food

There are a number of vendors in different parts of the city, who sell bun kabab with the most famous ones being at Burns Road. No international or local burger joint can make your stomach growl at first sight, like these bun kababs can. Their unique spicy and tangy taste is to die for. No matter which class you belong to, it has to be your favorite street snack of all time. Trust us when we say this, If you haven’t tried it already, you are missing out on a lot in your life.



Do you have anything to add to the list? Comment below and let us know 😀


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