Initial Praise for the “The Last Jedi” After Extended Premiere

Cheers, huffs and puffs, photo opportunities and more than a few standing ovations were seen at the jam-packed world premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, that took place this Saturday night in Los Angeles. A lot of people were found tweeting, blogging, vlogging and praising it online.

The writer and director of the eighth installment of the franchise, Rian Johnson, dedicated the night to the late Carrie Fisher, who died after filming had completed.

Johnson seemed enthusiastic to introduce his cast in high spirits, including Mark Hamill, Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and Laura Dern.  The composer John Williams and Hamill were among the few who got the standing ovations.

The cast excitedly took their seats with high hopes, the lights darkened, and the yellow Star Wars logo and Iconic scrawl appeared on the screen to notify the start of the film. The passionate audience laughed and cheered throughout much of the two-and-a-half-hour film. One audience member even squealed “What?!” at a key scene deep in the film.

This extravagant premiere highlighted a massive assault vehicle and a demonstration of Stormtroopers and droids that headed the first showing of the film in advance of its release, December. The mood was joyous and gravid with anticipation for the highly awaited film, which sees the return of Hamill’s Luke Skywalker as well as Fisher’s final performance.

Everyone was astonished and praised the making of the film. The director of Logan, James Mangold called this movie “a great chapter of a blockbuster franchise”.

The producer, Adam F. Goldberg wrote that the movie made him feel like a kid again.

Wright, who makes a guest appearance in the film as a rebel, added on Twitter that the film was, “Really great.”

The after party was modeled after Canto Bight. At the party, a casino based city in the Star Wars galaxy seen in “The last Jedi”, attendees could play blackjack, roulette and craps to win commemorative Star Wars pins.

Ridley, who plays Rey, arrived wearing a sparkling dress festooned with stars. Ridley was in virtuous spirits, saying about her dress, “I mean, it’s just fun. It’s fun. And I feel fun. And it’s got stars on it.”

John Boyega arrived sporting in a dark blue tuxedo and a turtleneck.

“The last Jedi,” releases on 15th of December. It is one of the year’s biggest releases. Predictions for the film are to debut in the $200 million range for its first week of release.