Pixel 2 XL and What It Really Is?

Pixel 2 xl sold out. Preorders for Pixel 2 xl double. But does this define the problems faced by the Pixel 2 xl users?

Not every phone is perfect but not every phone is a disaster. Pixel 2 xl is one such case. Pixel 2 xl was released by Google on 19th of October 2017. It is an Android Smartphone which is developed, designed and marketed by Google.  The phone was praised for its Camera, Waterproofing, and the storage capacity. Google had decided to ditch the headphone jacks the weird part is that it made a pretty big deal about it when Apple launched iPhone 7. Guess was just coming into the competition.

Even though it does not have dual cameras like iPhone (would have looked cool), it does have a high-resolution front and back camera, with the back camera having an aperture of f/1.8 and 12.2 mp and the front camera has an aperture of f/2.4 and 8 mp. The software experience for most of the users has been better than other android phones. Compared to pixel 2 the phone is exactly same but have a larger screen resolution. There are no explosions at least that we know of.

Pixel 2 xl comes in two colors just black and black and white aka panda. Pixel 2 xl actually looks like a 2017 phone with the fingerprint sensor at just the right position and the volume and power buttons right next to the thumb.

There is no wireless charging in pixel 2 xl but it involves a USB C port. Even though there is no wireless charging it is providing up to 7 hours of battery after 15 minutes of charging which is enough even for someone traveling or kids because they play a lot of games and all.

There are certain hardware problems which are causing the Google the loss of customers because even though they have all the AI and the software the design is what attracts the customer. The hardware problems are what is going to plague the pixel 2 xl. The main issue faced by the users is the burn-in which according to some users is actually image retention. Google has promised to fix this issue through new software updates. Other issues facing the pixel 2 xl users is the color shifting when tilted. This problem usually occurs in red color.

Packed inside of pixel 2 xl is snapdragon 835, 4 GB ram no micro SD card expansion but there is a really large storage amount with these. The phones come with 64 GB of internal memory or 128 GB and unlimited Google photos storage. Pixel 2 xl comes with the latest version of Android 8.0 oreo. Google is promising 3 years of support and updates. It comes with the squeeze feature which helps in opening the Google assist which is like super-fast.

There is an enormous amount of volume and involves stereo speakers. The sharpness of the pictures is better compared to iPhone 8 plus and Samsung note 8. It involves quick autofocus which makes the picture capturing easier.

Pixel 2 XL

Comparatively, Pixel 2 xl is not that bad as to what some the users have assumed it to be. The issues other than burn-in are promised by Google to be solved in the next software update. All in all, the Pixel 2 xl is go to go phone unless you are a full technical wizard (which not everyone is), the phone is usable.

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