Restaurant Review: Beat The Cold With FLOC’s Special Winter Warmers

With new cafes and coffee places opening across Karachi, the coffee culture is steaming up. Be it a business meeting, a romantic date, or a hang out with friends, everything happens over a cup of coffee. It has now become an integral part of everyone’s lifestyle. There are numerous coffee shops in almost every lane of Zamzama, but not all hold up to their name. For The Love of Coffee (FLOC) however, is here to fill the void.

So finally, after making it through another crazy week, my husband and I decided to head over to FLOC after dinner, and try out their much-raved-about hot chocolate. It was Saturday and we reached there at around 10.30 PM.

It was a cute little place, tucked in a busy lane of Zamzama. The interior was colorful and bright which gave a very casual, cozy and refreshing vibe, the moment we entered the place. They also had some books and board games including sequence and Pictionary – which I think is a really good idea, considering the fact that there are very less options in Karachi to hang out with friends.

Anyway, after settling in, we were given a fairly adequate menu to choose from. They had coffee (of course), Breakfast (served all day), some delectable entrees and main dishes, desserts, iced-drinks and various flavors of “winter-special” hot chocolate, on their menu.

From all the reviews we read about FLOC on the social media, we already knew what we wanted. Without much discussion, we instantly ordered Malted Dark Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

The Malted Dark hot chocolate was the epitome of perfection, no exaggeration here, tbh. It had a rich, creamy, velvety kind of texture, the kind you would want on a cold winter night. It was neither overly sweet nor excessively bitter –just the way hot chocolate is supposed to be. We sipped away this chocolaty bliss in literally no time.

FLOC Malted Dark Hot Chocolate

Coming to the peppermint hot chocolate – mint and dark chocolate, in my opinion has to be the finest combinations of all time. The perfect bittersweet, After Eight kind of taste, made this chocolaty-mint goodness downright heavenly. Every warm slurp was undoubtedly a great after-dinner treat for the two of us.

We didn’t get to try other things on the menu since we just returned from a dinner and were already too full. However, all in all, it was a fulfilling and amazing experience. Next up on our list is FLOC ‘s nitro coffee for the quick, and cold caffeine fix over the weekend.


Drinks: 9/10
Service: 10/10
Ambience: 8/10


Have you been to FLOC yet? Let us know about your experience in the comments below 🙂

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