Diva of Desserts: Custard Trifle

The hardest part to decide a party’s menu is to finalize desserts . Everyone has a different flair for sweet tooth and to make sure everyone enjoys is a huge task.

However, this one, super tasty and simple dessert is such a lifesaver. Not only elders love it to bits, kids also enjoy till they lick their bowls to shiny clean (No, we are washing the bowls later anyway 😜)

Yup I am talking about the diva of all desserts. The sweet dish that is a must for all tempting parties, restaurant food line up doesn’t complete without it and its surely a great addition in our shadi menus. Drumroll Yes I’m talking about Custard Trifle !!! 😍

Here is a scrumptious recipe of Custard Trifle which you will fall in love and will be cherished by all.



1. Rafhan Vanilla Custard
2. Sugar (as much needed)
3. 1 kg milk
4. Rafhan instant jelly (I used Red & Green one)
5. 1 plain cake
6. 1 tin of cocktail fruits


*Before preparing custard, make sure you prepare your jellies first. So meanwhile you prepare your custard and do rest preperation your jellies will be set perfectly.

*Follow the instructions on Rafhan instant jelly to prepare. Its pretty easy amd simple. Just boil water and add powder jelly. Stir for a minute and take out in shape moulds or flat dish where you can cut in your desired shapes. You can refrigerate for few hours or if you are in hurry put it in freezer.

*Arrange your bowl in which you wish to set your trifle.

*Cut plain cake in slices and set in the bottom and sides of your bowl

*Then add coctail fruits as much as you want. Also add 2 to 3 tbsp of coctail syrup on cake to get them filled with flavor.

*For custard, mix as instructed amount of custard powder in half cup milk to add to 1 kg boiling milk. Follow instructions mentioned on Rafhan custard box.
(However sometimes the stated amount doesn’t works for me so I add mix custard till I get desired consistency.)

*Make sure to keep stirring milk while custard is added. And keep rotating the spoon to avoid lumps.

*Just before it gets thickens add sugar and taste how much sweetened you would like your custard to have.

*Turn off flame as your custard gets ready and instantly pour it in your bowl because custard tends to get thick as it gets cold. Fill it to top so that cake and fruits are completely submerged.

*Let it get on room temperature and then refrigerate for few hours till the custard is well set.

*Take out jellies and cut in your desired shapes and decorate as you like.

*Delicious yummy custard trifle is all set to enjoy 😀





There are many diverse ways to enjoy custard trifle. You can use fresh fruits, whip cream, brownie cake or caramel sauce for more tasty flavours.

You can also try different flavors of custard like banana, chocolate, strawberry, coffee etc


If  you are still unsure about what to make for your dinner party, try this pure-desi recipe of Waheed Ke Kabab and let your guests rave about your cooking xD

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