4 Best Highlighters Under Rs. 2000 for an Instant Glow This Winter

Winter is coming, and with it… dull skin. However, you can still look fresh, radiant and glow-y if you add the following highlighters to your winter makeup routine. Our picks feature highlighters from multiple brands having several different formulas that help you shine bright and give you a boost of glimmer, exactly what you need to brighten up your skin this season. Whats more? It won’t leave a dent in your bank account. Scroll below to find best highlighters under Rs. 2000.

1) NYX Wonder Stick

Best highlighters

This creamy dynamic duo is one of our favorite drugstore picks this year. It is  not only easy to carry but easy to use as well. Its creamy formula makes it super blend -able and illuminates your cheek bones making it look more radiant. Best for dull and dry skin.

Shop at: http://premiumwear.pk/product/wonder-stick/


2) Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder

Best highlighters

Keep your highlighting game on point with this velvety smooth Wet n Wild highlighting powder. It delivers a natural glow making you look sun-kissed in the day, and candle-lit at the night time. 😀

Shop at: http://premiumwear.pk/product/wet-n-wild-highlighting-powder/

3) NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator

Best highlighters

If you are in love with Benefit’s High Beam but can’t afford it, NYX born to Glow is going to be your best bet this season. Its lightweight formula helps you glow from within, making you the head turner wherever you go.

Shop at: http://premiumwear.pk/product/born-glow-liquid-illuminator/

4) Elf Baked Highlighter

Best highlighters

If you love radiant and dewy cheekbones, this highlighter is going to be your soulmate. It illuminates your skin in an instant, giving it a flawless, soft glow. Perfect for daytime.

Now go forth and choose your dream highlighter. Happy shopping and happy highlighting :’)


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