The Beautiful North of Pakistan❄️❤️

Here I will feature the amazing trip I spontaneously took to The Beautiful North of Pakistan , our beloved country.

I dont think any place I’ll ever go to will compare to the mesmerising beauty that I was blessed enough to witness. Away from the wifi signals the social media. I had the company of nature and a few good friends. I consider that feeling priceless.

Getting into the details. I travelled with a group called Magellan Travels. They made this trip even more beautiful than it already was. 4/5 stars for them. It costed me 35k Per person. That includes Tickets/Hotel stays/Food/Camping. And add another 5k to shop at those beautiful local shops that lit up my heart! And The trip was around 10 days or so.

I cant possibly sum up how speechless each day had me! But some Highlights

❄️Camping in the middle of the forests😭 Rama Meadows to be exact. Made our own food and fires. It rained too.

❄️Attabaad Lake in Hunza is crystal blue. You could see the drowned houses under the lake since it formed after the 2007 earthquake

❄️Driving with your favourite songs for me it was ‘Kun Fayakun’ through the mountain ranges on the Karakoram Highway

❄️Ice Glaciers and Ice caves that we got to explore

❄️Gazing at the stars and viewing the constellations so clearly it made your heart skip a beat

❄️ Eagles points/Duikaar. A place where you can view all 7 mountain ranges including K2! Felt closer to god after that experience.


Over all Id consider that trip and eye opened. I felt more connected to myself as human being and was so grateful to have had that experience. I would recommend this to anyone! The budget is nothing compared to what you get.


DISCLAMER: The roads and paths to places aren’t always developed. Infacf its really risky to go there without experienced drivers. I would recommend you to travel with a travelling group! And do your research before you go.


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