5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Wedding Expenses

Weddings are undoubtedly the fastest way to drain your finances. While some elite-class Pakistani families have taken their wedding game to a whole new level, middle and upper- middle class families also end up spending way too much to follow the trend.

Yes, grand wedding festivities sound exciting, but TBH there is actually no point in spending your savings on hundreds of people out of which only a few guests actually care. However, some things are easier said than done. My own wedding had around 800-850 guests, that too after a lot of edits in our guest list because “Log kia kahenge”.

There were many things my family and I wished to do more economically, if only we had more time. Nonetheless, we still managed to adopt some cost-cutting measures (where possible) to avoid exceeding our total budget.

Below are some ideas I wish I had implemented at my own wedding and some, I actually did.


Off-Season Wedding

Off-season weddings are a blessing in disguise, believe it or not. Your venue costs automatically go down during the off-season, keeping you within your budget. Moreover, majority of your guests show up unlike in peak season, where they usually choose between 2-3 other weddings on the same day.


Edit Your Guest List

The more guests you invite, higher will be the expenses. From invitation, to decoration and catering, all adds up to your costs.

Wedding Guest list

Cut-Down on the Number of Functions or Combine Them

An average Desi Wedding celebration continues for 10-15 days comprising of a mixture of small and grand functions, from bridal showers, to dholkis, mayun, mehendi, Baraat and reception. All these events cost up to 10-12 lacs or even more depending on the venue, décor, food and no. of guests.

What you can do is either reduce the number of functions or combine two of them together. The popular trend of Shendi (shaadi + mehendi ) is actually an economical, yet fun- option. Another trend people usually prefer these days is having one grand reception instead of hosting two separate events of Baraat and Valima. I am so glad my family opted for the latter.

Wedding + mehendi


Choose Home-Based Makeup Artists

Brides these days are now ditching very famous – heavy-on-pocket makeup artists, and moving towards freelancers or home based makeup artists. The advantage of choosing them is that they know their work, and don’t charge an arm and a leg for it. They consider your preference and do your makeup the way you want. If you are based in Karachi, Kiran Khan, Pareesa Keher, Qirat Baber and Amna Farhad are among the few favorites of brides these days. Scroll below and see their magic yourself 🙂

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup

Wedding makeup


Opt for Economical Options for Your Bridal Dress

Finding the best makeup artist and the perfect dress is every bride’s utmost priority. However, it is not mandatory for the best dress to be the most expensive one as well. A lot of my friends who got married recently emphasized on how their families wanted their dress to be from high end designers. These designers’ bridal range starts from around 8 lacs and goes up to 18 lacs or even more in some cases.

However, some of them recommended buying a heavy formal shirt from the designers and getting the dupatta and lehenga made from your “Kaam Wala” that matches the work on the shirt. This way your family can end up bragging about the designer but will also save thousands :p

Another option is to wait for the designer sample sales, where they reduce their prices by 40-50%. Hence you can cut down on the total cost and still get the perfect dress you always wanted.


Hope this helps you with your wedding preps ladies! Good Luck <3



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